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History of Al Boom Tourist Village Golden years of the past. Discover the wonders of Today

The First Al Boom Tourist Village was opened in 1980 and named Al Boom Restaurant after the vision of Al Hareb Family. Their beliefs grew into the idea of transforming a Boom ship they owned into a floating restaurant, offering Gulf and Arabian cuisine and preserve the great ancestral heritage of this country.

The journey on the surface of the blue calm creek water, sailing between the shores of Dubai, is an experience rarely found in other countries. On the same year a restaurant by the name of Al Areesh was opened near the bank of the creek and now a new restaurant is born and name Zaman Awal Restaurant. It is a perfect place for family gathering and considered to be the best running Arabic restaurant that brings back the glorious past of Arabic cuisine. The idea proved to be an outstanding success and restaurant become a popular tourist venue, which lead them to think again of a way by which they can combine the beauty of the environment, the magic of tradition and the Arabian Hospitality.

On the same year one wedding hall was created as a tent. And from that time on, the result was that Al Boom Tourist Village becomes a landmark till date for Royal Wedding and host of gala dinners. Presently, our ballroom complex is reputedly the largest and most luxurious hall in the Middle East. The ballroom complexes are characterized by a unique and prestigious decor…marble floors, high ceilings and glittering crystal chandeliers which add to the distinctive atmosphere of the venue.

Now, our operation can even reach other GCC country and we have branches in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and we offer outdoor catering in the seven states of United Arab Emirates.

As the years passed, and Dubai prospered, the dhow-floating restaurant and tent-wedding hall become a symbol of outstanding success as the visitors of Dubai truly admired this great vision. With the fantastic development happening in Dubai, that rich culture and heritage of the Arab world can still be seen in service tradition of Al Boom Tourist Village.

And thus Al Boom Tourist Village was born.

Al Boom Tourist Village